• Based on extensive experience in the oil sector
  • Utilising oil industry tow-out facilities
  • Global engineering support from JP Kenny
  • Leading position in wave technologies
  • Unique combination of proven technologies
  • Onshore construction

The project has been designed for GRS by one of the world’s leading engineering services provider, Wood Group Kenny (WGK).

The oil and gas sectors are the only industries with proven track records in taming the power of the sea. For that reason, techniques and construction methods utilised by those industries have been adapted by GRS and the offshore wind industry for wave power solutions.

The Power Platform is designed for manufacture and assembly in a fabrication yard onshore, then towed out and lowered into position on the seabed. This float-out technology is similar to existing proven methods used to construct large concrete platforms in the offshore oil and gas industry e.g. Troll, Oseberg and Stratford. JP Kenny has been directly associated with many of these projects.

All components above and below the surface are off-the-shelf, then configured into an efficient energy production unit with minimal footprint and low installation risk.

Specialist marine energy advice, tank testing and support are provided by the Hydraulics and Maritime Research Centre at the University College, Cork – Ireland’s only facility for wave simulation. This will be supported by cutting-edge computer modelling to validate tank test results provided by Portugal's Wave Energy Centre.

Both sets of results will be converted into modelled power output by our turbine supplier.


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